item enchant

Multi scroll option

Put EAS & BEAS scrolls and it will auto use EAS until safe enchant.

Flexible settings

Control “scroll insertion”, “enchant await” and “enchant finished” speeds.

Fully automatic

Forget about enchant routine. Enjoy the game.


Smart enchant

Enchant from stone, crystal or both.

Armor enchant

Enhance your armor piece with 3 elements in a matter of seconds.

Weapon enchant

Go straight for 300, avoid annoying clicking one by one.


Augmentation list

Only the best augmentations were chosen to be in the list.


You can select skill and stat to be found in the same weapon.

Repeat button

Use “repeat” function instead of automatic one.

skill enchant

Enchant with ease

Choose route. Choose value. Choose speed. Enchant.

Consumables control

Stops process when you are out of books/adena/SP.

brand new


elegant yours

colorful theirs

cycled macro

Infinite cycle

Right click on macro in the list and it will use automatically.

No action interruption

You can do whatever you want. Macro won’t stop.

Macro actions in tooltip

All macro actions are shown at shortcut tooltip.


Most used potions

To suit your gaming needs.

Automatic usage

Select interval and condition of use.

Control your buffs

Use Wind Walk, Haste and Acumen auto potions.


control the battlefield

  • window

    Detect players beforehand. Either they are war clan members or in PvP / PK mode.

  • options

    Control players by name. 9 slots available. Double click on player to point an arrow at him

  • scanner

    While radar detects players by action and ignores them in case of AFK, \"scanning\" function let you scan the area around even for AFK players.

    While scanning you can experience moderate FPS loss on slow machines though

  • window

  • options

  • scanner

hhhhh players beforehand. Either they are war clan members or in PvP / PK mode.


Multiple buff view

“Songs / Dances + Debuffs” “Songs + Buffs” etc.

Assist on button

Choose “assist leader” and a button to perform assist.

New set of icons

Imroved class icons help you to navigate party better.

Buff to Debuff

Most crucial buffs now can be selected to be shown in debuffs.

Party levels

Every party member has level icon.


New status

Status info has been transferred to new window.

Target lock

Lock target to any player. You can bind any key (or combination) to lock function in Interface options as well.


be the best

  • window

    Counts incoming and outcoming damage with 85-90% accuracy (such hard cases as Poison and damage from Shield of Faith are taken into account).

    Countdown timer helps you to be informed how much time you are in a fight.

    Opponent’s stats giving you an idea what type of player against you.

    Used skill timer is a great way to control your foe while fighting.

    And finally an optional control of enemy’s moving, casting speed and distance.

  • target

    HP and CP are now in numbers as well.
    Opponent’s cast bar can be anchored to this window.

  • items

    New window to control your most switchable equipped items such as: necklace, ring, belt, weapon and shield

  • summon

    Increased buff and HP bar size for better control.
    Buff timers are enabled.

  • window

  • target

  • items

  • summon

hhhhh players beforehand. Either they are war clan members or in PvP / PK mode.


feel the difference


debuff timer

two size option


invite button

class as title

class icon


extra hotkey binds

two extra panel

talisman panel

6x12 shortcuts


expendable slots

quick item destroy

screen damage

transfer pain
has been took into account

canceled buffs

rebuff them by clicking on icons

intellegent party control

usefull for party leaders

automatic shots & souls

keeps your soul level at 40


customize interface as you wish